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Keep business afloat

Brand-new training on inflatable floats, which you have never experienced.

Talented fitness experts, marketers, technologists, designers and master trainers have created a premium product, ready to launch in your pool.

* We will be useful if you: current trainer, head of a fitness club or hotel with a sports bias or want to buy fitness float for home use

Плот Aquaflat 2 handles on each side made of high-strength nylon
Плот Aquaflat Rubberised cover made of anti-skid material
Плот Aquaflat 4 metal rings for secure float fixation
Плот Aquaflat High-strength synthetics with polyurethane coating

Aquaflat raft

From $650

#AQUAFLAT is an inflatable float that is made of a high-strength synthetic fabric with double- sided PVC sheeting. The working surface of the product is covered with soft material that prevents from sliding even in water.


#AQUAFLAT is a business innovation which begins to bring returns right after implementation and is paid off in the short term. Training programs is a good tool to increase sales of fitness department and to improve appeal to customers. #AQUAFLAT is the driving force of your business!

Business Efficiency

AQUAFLAT™ is usually introduced as a training for an extra charge. You will be able to increase significantly the revenue from group and personal workouts during the first 1.5-2 months.


Fitness on rafts is a trend in the world of fitness! The presence of AQUAFLAT™ in the club is an indicator of success and prosperity. The privilege of leaders is to introduce interesting and unusual novelties that exceed the desires of customers.

Individual design

Order #Aquaflat custom design to turn any photo from a raft training into an advertising tool that you will not pay for. Email us now and we will design your own raft layout for free.


Three #Aquaflat programs for children and adults are developed by qualified trainers, professional athletes and rehabilitation doctors.

Easy to start

You will receive ready-made marketing tools and promotional materials for quick launch and promotion.

Turnkey solution

You will receive clear recommendations on the format of AQUAFLAT™ launch events as a marketing plan. Your marketers can develop strategies, immediately begin to announce and launch advertising and PR-activity.

Новый комментарий Ссылка

Aquaflat - это реально находка!! Он подходит всем!! и как функциональная тренировка, и для детишек которые только начинают учится плавать и тем кто катается на серфе! и это всегда отличное настроение у всех занимающихся и у тренера в том числе)) спасибо Вам за Aquaflat!! Ваш ДОН-Спорт!!!

Новое сообщение
Влад Петров (генеральный директор Crocus Fitness)

В наших клубах мы внедряем исключительно премиальное оборудование и проверенные программы тренировок для наших клиентов. Мы не могли не быть в числе первых в России, кто внедрил программы Aquaflat в свое расписание. Все лето наблюдали полные группы в открытом бассейне Crocus Fitness и восторженные отзывы о тренировках с нашими тренерами в соц-сетях. В умелых руках эта программа - отличный способ привлекать новых клиентов и продавать тренировки.

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